Darren Maurer  

2007 Iowa Duck Stamp Winner



Original Acrylic Painting with a approximate image size of 6 1/2"x11" 

Sioux City artist Darren Maurer entered paintings into the Iowa Ducks Unlimited, Duck Stamp contest and the Print of the Year competition and came out with top honors in both. The competition was held February 17-18 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Maurer's rendition of a single American Widgeon drake was chosen from entries sent from across the country. The winning image will be used on Iowa's duck stamp for the year 2007 and will also be used as the Iowa Ducks Unlimited sponsor print for the same year.

Maurer also won the title of Iowa Ducks Unlimited Print of the Year Artist in a competition held Saturday afternoon. His oil painting of a single Hooded Merganser drake cutting a wake across water will be used as the Iowa Print of the Year for 2007 and will be exchanged with Ducks Unlimited chapters across the United States. Being named Iowa's Print of the Year Artist is a very sought-after achievement. Maurer commented, "I'm still somewhat overwhelmed by the entire experience. I was just hoping to be competitive with the other artists. Winning both contests is something I never expected to happen.

This unprecedented win earns Maurer the honor of becoming the only artist in the history of Iowa Ducks Unlimited Art contest to win both the Iowa Duck Stamp and become Iowa's Print of the Year Artist in the same year. Although impressive, this accomplishment is not Maurer's first time to earn prestigious honors in the Ducks Unlimited art competition. Maurer's first unmatched achievement occurred after winning both the 2001 and 2002 Duck Stamp contests. These back to back wins made Maurer the first artist in contest history to win the competition two years in a row.

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