Darren Maurer  

2001 Iowa Duck Stamp Winner


"Iowa Snow" 

Original Acrylic Painting with a approximate image size of 6 1/2"x11" 

Darren Maurer is a nationally recognized artist/illustrator. His paintings have been published in numerous national magazines and are available in limited edition prints as well as commissioned originals. Maurer has placed in the upper echelon of the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp Contest since first entering the contest four years ago. Maurer has the honor of winning first and second place in the nationwide Iowa Duck Stamp Contest. The winning entry, a snow goose in flight over a harvested Iowa cornfield, will be produced as the State Duck Stamp for the year 2001.  Ducks Unlimited of Iowa will release the limited edition sponsor print of the image for the same year. Maurer entered two paintings in the competition and was informed that not only did he paint the winning design but his other entry, a pair of green-winged teal, had placed second in the competition.

Maurer has also been selected by Ducks Unlimited of Iowa to complete a painting of a songbird to serve as a companion print to the winning sponsor print. Maurer holds an unprecedented honor of having painted the winning Ducks Unlimited sponsor design along with painting its ever popular companion songbird print during the same year.

Original Painting: Not For Sale

Print & Mint Stamp Price: 600 S/N $95, 60 AP

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